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 Here's part 2 of the photos:

More Joshua x Beat shipping. It was actually a "General Store" but I was crazy enough to think of it as a "Kissing Booth" (and I photoshopped the "Kissing Booth" title in there). Seriously, Joshua would probably do something like this for lawls.

Beat: "Dude! I totally don't swing that way like Phones!!"
Joshua: <3

Rhyme: "Why are these guys shipping this?! |||OTL"
Joshua: "There there. How about I kiss ya' to make it better?"
Rhyme: "NO JOSHUA!!"

When Beat runs out of cards, he decides to attack the Reapers by hitting them with his skateboard

Afterwards, all of us decided to play childrens' card games. :Db

Paul and our friend Tony decided to play Weiß Schwarz instead

The Sasuke piñata our president bought for us.

Ash hit the piñata so hard that it fell, but it didn't break unfortunately

Time to retie Sasuke again.

Our TWEWY group photo~!

That's all of the cosplay picnic photos. :D It was a lot of fun this year. I hope we can do another cosplay group like this for next year!

If you want to see all of the photos, go and click this link

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