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Okay so here's part 2~!! :Dv

Day 4 continuation )

Day 5 - This is where the 2nd Image Heavy starts )


Day 6 )


Day 7 )


Day 8 )


Day 9 & 10 with some random stuff at the end )
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So here's Part 1 of the photos I took when I was in Paris (and one day in London). I seriously have over 200 photos to look through and choose for the blog. m(_ _;;;;m It makes me cry every time I think about it due to the shock that I took that much on one trip. I seriously didn't take that much when I was in China or in Italy...but alas I'm digressing. :D;;

Day 1 and Day 2 - Warning!! This entry is Image Heavy!! )


Day 3 )


Day 4 )

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Here's Part 2 of the photos.


Part 2 of the huge pic spam is here )

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I'm going to put this into two entries because I think it'll save space easily...or something like that. So yeah...Let's start.


Heavy image spam of photos here! :D )
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I know I also never mentioned this, but while I was up in San Francisco visiting my relatives, back probably in December, I took up my camera. I took some pictures while I was up there (mostly in Monterey Bay and on the trip returning home), and I haven't had the chance to upload them. I feel like they're really not worthy to be put up on Deviantart yet, so this is the best place for now.

Monterey Bay pics )

And on the way to Hearst's Castle, this is what I saw :D
Ahoy! What did I see? I saw... )

When we got to Hearst's Castle, I also took a few pics there.
Hearst Castle pics )

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