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 So here are more photos from AX'11

AX'11 Part 2; Warning: Image Heavy )
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Back from AX. Interesting time with its weird moments, but it was still fun. Didn't take a lot of pictures because of Vic Mignogna autograph line. Granted he is a nice guy (though some say he's a bit of a creeper), but his fuckin' fans reminded me why I hate craycray fangirls. :|

Stupid Vic Mignogna fangirls )


Now onto happier things...let's show some photos! 8D

AX'11 Photos; Warning: Image Heavy )


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ALA was a lot of fun. My roommates were really nice people, and I really enjoyed it. ^_^

There's not a lot of pictures because I didn't really want to lug the camera around while carrying my Copic markers and sketch book. XD;;;

I went to a mecha/gunpla building panel. I learned a lot of informative things about building gunplas. The only thing I find a bit worrysome is the amount of primer, cement glue, etc. used for the models. I know it's to make the models look less...toy-like in a way, but I seriously don't have the time to do all of that. :\ When I have more time, I'll get to do more complicated stuff like that. Ka-chan, her friend Randy, and I went to the Artist Sketch Jam. It's a place where you're supposed to hang out with other artists and makes friends. We didn't do that and instead huddled in a little corner talking about things. We also made a lot of snide comments, so it was basically our little corner of sarcasm. :D There was also one guy who was scopin' out the whole room, and he looked at my lineart like as if I'm competition for him. Dude...it wasn't that good and it's not really qualified for "competition material". ¬_¬;; But other that, all three of us had fun talking while drawing/coloring throughout that workshop. Now onto photos!

ALA '11 photos )
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 I'm really way too lazy to post up most of the photos from the D.C. trip. There's not a lot, but hey it's better than nothing I say. So here's the link to my FB album: www.facebook.com/album.php Enjoy.
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Cosplay picnic today was a lot of fun. I took a lot of pictures, didn't have to pay the $80 insurance, and I even got free K-on! card sleeves. 8Db

So here are the photos from the Cosplay Picnic (Note: This will also include the TWEWY photoshoot we had during the picnic)

Photos start here - Warning: Image Heavy )
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Oh yeah, last Friday I had my Japanese oral test and I think I did okay. The only awkward thing was carrying around my stuffed animal around campus. ;;; I had to bring an item for the "show and tell" part of the oral test, and this was the only thing I could think of bringing where I can talk about it for almost a minute. I was okay keeping it hidden my backpack, until I had to take my books out. That's when I had to take it out and people were staring at it going "....really?" あっ、はずかしかった。

Oh yeah, I have more photos of critters in my backyard. There's only 3 photos, but I think they're good enough to show...I hope.

Animal photos )
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Okay so here's part 2~!! :Dv

Day 4 continuation )

Day 5 - This is where the 2nd Image Heavy starts )


Day 6 )


Day 7 )


Day 8 )


Day 9 & 10 with some random stuff at the end )
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So here's Part 1 of the photos I took when I was in Paris (and one day in London). I seriously have over 200 photos to look through and choose for the blog. m(_ _;;;;m It makes me cry every time I think about it due to the shock that I took that much on one trip. I seriously didn't take that much when I was in China or in Italy...but alas I'm digressing. :D;;

Day 1 and Day 2 - Warning!! This entry is Image Heavy!! )


Day 3 )


Day 4 )

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 So last week me and my mom found some animals in our backyard...

Squirrel )

Dragonfly )

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Here are the pics for Days 3 (w/ Eevee photoshoot) & 4

Day 3 Photos )


This where the Eevee photo shoot starts. [I got really picky here on which photos to show XD; So if ya' want to see all of the photos from the photoshoot, half of it is on my Imageshack account while the other half is on my Photobucket account.]

Eevee photoshoot )

Day 4 photos )

This is probably my favorite thing out of the whole con...
What is it? )

After that I headed off to my grandma's house to celebrate with family for 4th of July. We ate lunch and dinner together, and afterwards we did fireworks. I don't have any pictures since I was too lazy to get it out of the car. XD;; But all I have to say is that me, my cousins, and their friend were basically pyros that night. We put all of the small fireworks together to set off a big one. We also created a huge bonfire with the empty fireworks containers, the boxes, napkins, plates, and other flammable stuff we can find. It was a lot of fun.

I thought this year of AX was a lot of fun. Sure I didn't go to the panels, arcade, or any of the gatherings, but I still had fun because I was with my friends. Even though a lot of my stuff didn't get sold, I thought of it more as an experience than disappointment. I'm learnin' on what sells, what doesn't sell, and what I should do to make sure I can get profit before I actually start sellin' stuff. Now I sort of know what to do, and I hope that I can do better the next time I sell my artwork at an anime convention.
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So I come bearing pictures from this year's AX! :D Most of the pictures I took are from Days 1 & 2. I do have a few from Days 3 & 4, but I might put those two days in a separate post.

Note: This post will be IMAGE HEAVY!!!

AX Day 0 & 1 photos )

AX Day 2 photos )
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Here's Part 2 of the photos.


Part 2 of the huge pic spam is here )

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I'm going to put this into two entries because I think it'll save space easily...or something like that. So yeah...Let's start.


Heavy image spam of photos here! :D )
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I know I also never mentioned this, but while I was up in San Francisco visiting my relatives, back probably in December, I took up my camera. I took some pictures while I was up there (mostly in Monterey Bay and on the trip returning home), and I haven't had the chance to upload them. I feel like they're really not worthy to be put up on Deviantart yet, so this is the best place for now.

Monterey Bay pics )

And on the way to Hearst's Castle, this is what I saw :D
Ahoy! What did I see? I saw... )

When we got to Hearst's Castle, I also took a few pics there.
Hearst Castle pics )

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