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Here are the pics for Days 3 (w/ Eevee photoshoot) & 4

Day 3 Photos )


This where the Eevee photo shoot starts. [I got really picky here on which photos to show XD; So if ya' want to see all of the photos from the photoshoot, half of it is on my Imageshack account while the other half is on my Photobucket account.]

Eevee photoshoot )

Day 4 photos )

This is probably my favorite thing out of the whole con...
What is it? )

After that I headed off to my grandma's house to celebrate with family for 4th of July. We ate lunch and dinner together, and afterwards we did fireworks. I don't have any pictures since I was too lazy to get it out of the car. XD;; But all I have to say is that me, my cousins, and their friend were basically pyros that night. We put all of the small fireworks together to set off a big one. We also created a huge bonfire with the empty fireworks containers, the boxes, napkins, plates, and other flammable stuff we can find. It was a lot of fun.

I thought this year of AX was a lot of fun. Sure I didn't go to the panels, arcade, or any of the gatherings, but I still had fun because I was with my friends. Even though a lot of my stuff didn't get sold, I thought of it more as an experience than disappointment. I'm learnin' on what sells, what doesn't sell, and what I should do to make sure I can get profit before I actually start sellin' stuff. Now I sort of know what to do, and I hope that I can do better the next time I sell my artwork at an anime convention.

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