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Okay so here's part 2~!! :Dv

Day 4: (Continuation w/ no photos)

So I forgot to mention what also happened on this day, after we went to the Louvre we decided to walk all the way to the Latin District. It was about....a mile or two away I believe. We kept walking and guess who was too stubborn to mention that she was really tired and dehydrated? 8Db Yeah me. Stupid move, but I didn't want to drag the group down. Afterwards visiting the Latin District, we all decided to stop by our apartment.

Me and my dad then decided to break off from the group and look for an anime store that had Gundam models because we heard there was one around in Paris nearby. So yeah...we went into like 5 - 6 different stores that sold anime and manga, but they didn't have any Gundam models. It was supposed to only take 30 min, but it turned into 3 hours instead. 8| Seriously Paris, ya' guys don't watch any mecha anime like Gundam (not even Robotech?!)?! I love the fact that they sold a lot of Marvel and DC stuff (w/ a bit of WoW and Star Wars), but really...no Gundam (not even in anime or manga form)?! All you sell is Dragonball, Naruto, and One Piece?!! Garrgh! But yeah...I was digressing.

So we went to the last store, which was on the other side of town, and I could tell that their store sold figurines because I just get a feeling when I look at the front of their store (they had a giant Voltron mecha figurine in their window along with an Utena cosplay outfit with cat ears on the mannequin. so it sort of screamed out "we have mechas!! 8D" to me...just don't ask why). I heard that this store was notoriously known for selling bootleg stuff (ex: DVDs, anime, etc.), but I was tired, dehydrated, and was "I don't give a crap anymore. It's the last one, and I don't care IF they have models and they're fuckin' bootlegged. I'm buyin' one. B|" Good thing though is the models they have are legit so a plus for me. :Db The guy kept staring at me because I was like "...can I get a Gundam model? *points to one kit in the glass case*" and probably one of the few female otakus out there that enjoy building mechas. That store also sell bootlegged anime figurines. Hell they were selling a bootlegged Evangelion Red Gothic Lolita Asuka figurine for £72/$100. I can tell it was bootlegged because Asuka's outfit was red and black instead of red and white. The hair also looked a bit darker from the original figurine's bright orange hair. But I just found it funny, and hey I was happy I got a mecha model.

Day 5:

So on day 5 we (me, my parents, and my aunt and uncle) decided to go on a van tour where they'll take us to see Monet's house (plus his garden) and Versailles. Alas I had some bumpy troubles along the way...will elaborate more after a few photos.

This is part of Monet's water garden.

Fish (actually, it's a brown trout but I'm just being a marine biology nerd here)!! 8D I saw this guy on the way to Monet's regular garden (and to his house)

Here's the start of Monet's garden.

They also had big fat chickens on the premises

I forgot to take pictures of Monet's house from the front since i wasn't feeling too well due to the stomach flu. They also prohibited photography inside Or it could've been from the tap water I drank last night. :\ So after we went out of the house and tried to drink some apple cider (by the way, their cider contains alcohol) and sprite to settle my stomach, I hurled from the stomach flu. Yeah...you can bet that it freaked out the tour guide and the other passengers. So I slept most of the way to the place where they ate lunch.

This is the front gate to Versailles.

I don't have a lot of pictures on the inside since there were way too many people. So most of the pictures didn't turn out well. :\

Too many people... :\

Here's part of the gardens.

Family decided to sit at a cafe and wait for the sunset.


Day 6:

We went to see the Eiffel Tower

Taken from the elevator on the way to the middle part of the Eiffel Tower.

Taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower


Day 7:

I got some mosquito bites on my ankle and they swelled up since my body tends to react to them. 8|; We went on a dinner cruise that day. I didn't feel too well since I could feel the engine of the boat, and it was makin' me queasy and want to hurl somewhere and anywhere. I slept through the whole cruise because that was the only way for me to keep the pain and queasiness away. Most of these photos were taken by my mom.

This is where the photos taken by my mom start

This was the night where I sprained my ankle and the mosquito bites got worse. 8|;;;


Day 8:

We went to the Musée d'Orsay, an impressionist art museum where it contains Van Gough, Monet, etc. We weren't allowed to take photos inside the museum so this photo is the only proof I have that I went there.

Afterwards, we went to head towards Napoleon's grave.

That title sounds familiar...hmmm....where have I heard it before? Has Takizawa opened up a store here? Is it the headquarters for where the Seleçãos go when their phones aren't working properly? XD

This is where Napoleon is buried. We didn't go inside because it costs £60 per person to only see a marble coffin (and seriously that's it).


Day 9:

We decided to visit Notre Dame one more time.

Afterwards we took a ferry that goes up and down the river where people can get on and off. I was feeling better so I didn't feel like hurling off the side of the boat.

This incident was probably one of the most interesting things that happened this day.

A tour bus fell into the river. :O

Me and my parents went our separate ways with my aunt and uncle since they have to go back to Dublin the next day. They've been in Dublin for the past month or so for a business trip. While me and my parents were walking home, I found this little guy by himself

It's a mute swan~! Odette~!!! Nah jk jk. XD

I also found these guys eating lunch.

Afterwards I went back to the same store I went to and got another mecha model. The same guy recognized me, but he was busy with a customer. I was able to get the mecha model I wanted (Evangelion Unit-001).


Day 10:

Traveling day to come home. Nothing interesting really happened that day. XD;

Oh yeah...the Japanese entry I mentioned that I would explain. On Day 2 on the way to meet up with my aunt and uncle, some hobo flashed his penis in the window on the subway. Me and some people who saw it went "....really? Did that just happen? .__." It wasn't really offensive for me, but not enough to make me do a mental face palm. It was just "...ok" since he was laughing and running off while trying to put this penis back in his pants. Welcome to the French metro station I guess?

Oh yeah. French also support the use of furries for advertisement...

There was also another advertisement of a snow leopard wearing really really tight shorts in a weird pose that had a "Come hither" look rather than a Tony the tiger thing that says "come buy this product", but that was during the van tour where I hurled.

I did have a lot of fun on this trip, even though there were some troubles I had to deal with along the way. I got to see a lot of stuff and I especially enjoyed the Louvre. Although I saw less than 10% of the whole art gallery, I hope I can go back there in the future to see more of their artwork.

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