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So here's Part 1 of the photos I took when I was in Paris (and one day in London). I seriously have over 200 photos to look through and choose for the blog. m(_ _;;;;m It makes me cry every time I think about it due to the shock that I took that much on one trip. I seriously didn't take that much when I was in China or in Italy...but alas I'm digressing. :D;;

Day 1:

I don't have pictures on the first day because that was the day we got in and tried to settle down. So nothing that day. XD;; Let's jump to day Day 2...

Day 2:

Me and my parents took the Chunnel to London. No pics on the train since I slept the way to and from London...yes I do sleep in any type of transportation (ex: cars, trains, airplanes, etc.). Me and my parents decided to take a double-decker tour bus around London since it would allow us to see most of the city before I got to meet up with my friends Kris, Emily, and Sarah (the ones that are mentioned once in a while).

This was before we went on the Chunnel, but hey look what anime they were showing around 5am in the morning?

The television we had in the apartment we rented had three different channels all dedicated to anime (subbed and dubbed). I watched Trigun for the first time, and I swear I've never watched that amount of anime in my life. Though it was understandable since there since there was nothing else familiar to me on tv. There wasn't even any English channels, so you can guess what sort of kept my sanity all ten days in Paris when watching tv? XD;

Changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. This was only 11am when I took the pic, but the actual changing was going to start at 1:30pm. D: Look at the crowd!!

Statue of Churchhill

Now you people are thinking "It's the London Bridge!!", but alas that's not the actual London Bridge. XD;

This is the actual London Bridge. Not as impressive as the claimed "London Bridge", but hey it's the real thing.

The Eye. If you need some help remembering that thing, it's the that Ferris Wheel shown in the movie "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"

Me with Sarah, Emily, and Kris when I met up with them.

After I met up with my friends, me and my parents went to see "Love Never Dies", the sequel of "The Phantom of the Opera". As I expected, the show was like a badly written fanfiction gone wrong since they take all of the characters and make them OOC. Sierra Burgess sadly couldn't save the show, even though she has a wonderful voice and the poor child was put in a show like this. I can rant about it all day, but all I have to say is don't go see the show. B| If you want to go watch it for lawls, go ahead but bring some friends so you won't be watching alone...though I don't know if it's worth wasting around £94/$123 (Premium seat and it includes a program) per person to watch something like this. Yeah...not the best way to end your day in London, but upside after that was I got to eat crepes. 8D It was delicious~!


Day 3:

We met up with my aunt and uncle. :D We all decided to walk around around the place me and my parents were staying at since it was close to Notre Dame.

There was a summer event going on and they different stands set up for parents and kids to do. So for kiddies, they get to jump around on trampolines~!

Berthillion ice cream is seriously the best ice cream ever in existence.

Look guys an accordion! I swear if there wasn't that bridge part in the background it would be an nice picture. :\

And being the animal lover that I am, here are some more animal photos~!

A normal house sparrow like the ones we have in the US, but this guy's growin' out his baby feathers. <3

Also the French rats with wings (pigeons) are also the same rats with wings we get in the States...other than that, the sparrows you see in the foreground and background are doing their daily dust bath.

Taking pictures of tourists passing by.

This is inside Notre Dame


Day 4:

We decided to go the Lovure that day. I swear I had a lot of pictures from here, but I'll be really really anal on which photos to show on this one. XD;

Let's starts off with the painting of the "Mona Lisa". We got there early before the huge crowd hit so I was able to get good shots of it.

A painting within a painting...

This a small portion of the huge crowd in the main entrance area was when we were leaving.

Part 2 will probably come up later today or tomorrow. ^^;> If you want to view all of the photos I have, just click here for the album.

Date: 2010-08-04 10:02 pm (UTC)
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Holy craaaap these are so gorgeous. *_* I'M GLAD YOU HAD A GOOD TIME and oh man Europe is so pretty.

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