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 So here are more photos from AX'11

We couldn't save one of Ka-chan's wig extensions. So here's the final salute before we threw it in the trash.

Here's the Hipster Vocaloid photoshoot. If any of the pics seem crooked, blurry, etc. It's probably due to my cousin. XD;; He's the one who took most of the photos.

My cousin and his parfaits

This is an unedited photo. This is what the night time looks like with my camera.

We decided to head over to CPK for dinner. Kiya's checkin' out the 3DS and its capabilities.

On the way back to the hotel

On the way we stopped by 7-Eleven and got ice cream. :D Unfortunately we didn't know that the statue we're sittin' on is private property (There are little squares in the ground that establish the private property boundaries. .__.). So here are the few pics we have before we were kicked off.

Ka-chan's final act of defiance before we left. XD;;

Remember this bridge from last year's AX photoshoot? :D;; Yup we're on it again.

That's it for the AX photos~! Probably the next set of photos will be S. Carolina/Florida/Key West

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