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So a little update on this "war".

So Eric hasn't updated his channel in a few weeks because supposedly, as claimed by his "friend" Jack (jackfilms1), that Eric got caught by his father. Then his father beat slapped the shit out of him, took away his laptop and video camera. Now as awesome as that sounds, I didn't really believe it. It seemed a bit too convenient for all of us. Now whenever I watch a drama happen on the sidelines, I always go in there with a skeptical mind. I always take everything with a grain of salt and figure it out myself on whether or not the stuff people says are real. Since I didn't believe it so I said to myself, "Until I see that kid with a black eye, a broken nose, or any type of horrible injury, I won't believe that it's true."

Later a few days later Jack had a breakdown. Oh boohoo, you cry because you finally realized the consequences of this war. Don't expect us to give you sympathy after what you guys have done. You said out loud where you lived and where you and Eric were going to hide. Now if you say this you're either: 1) Stupid OR 2) A troll. Seriously, if you're being threatened by a bunch of people you wouldn't say out loud where you live and where you're going to hide. You only PM/e-mail certain people you can trust about your whereabouts. So I say that he's a troll. Well, technically he is since he has trolled in the past under the screen name of josh2uber.

A Youtuber with the screen name of effigia777 has been sitting on the sidelines giving his opinions/responses to each of the kids' videos. He brings up good points and I love his sarcastic humor in his responses. Today he has proved that Eric is nothing but a TROLL.

Now I don't have to explain how Eric's a good troll. So I'll let effigia777 do it. All I have to say is though, listening to his accent he sounds like he's from Scotland. Even though people claim that he's from Ireland, his accent is way too heavy to be Irish. It sounds more Scottish for me.

Eric also posted a new video saying that he's "going to take a break from Youtube" due to "personal issues". He claims that Liat has contacted the FBI so they tracked him down, his dad's in jail for child abuse, and he's getting therapy. He also wants US to apologize to HIM. Now after watching that video, so I know that it's one of his ploys to rile up people, he's seekin' for pity points. Don't expect me to give ya' pity like Jack. You two are probably high on my list for not caring what happens to you. He's probably leaving early because he knows that he's been revealed by effigia777. Since he's been outed earlier than he expected, he has no where to go but hide and lay low. Stupid boy. Props to effigia777 for revealing that troll's plot. :Db
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