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Cosplay picnic today was a lot of fun. I took a lot of pictures, didn't have to pay the $80 insurance, and I even got free K-on! card sleeves. 8Db

So here are the photos from the Cosplay Picnic (Note: This will also include the TWEWY photoshoot we had during the picnic)

My friend Aria (I forgot what character he cosplayed. D8 If anyone can recognize what character he's cosplayin' tell me so I can change this)

Kiya-chan as Rhyme (TWEWY)

Ka-chan as Beat (TWEWY)

Sibling bonding~! :D

My friend Paul

The poor man. D8 Never had a chance to escape. (Note: He was actually fine. He wasn't hurt at all so don't worry.)

Whose Line is it Anime game

Freddie as Takizawa Akira (Eden of the East) with Mameshiba

Mameshiba was sleepy all day

The ninja Umberon I took a picture with at AX'10. He recognized me!! 8D

Kiya-chan brought her skateboard for Ka-chan's cosplay.

And other people decided to try riding the skateboard. XD

Chris as Tenho (TWEWY)

The others hanging out with us as we're doing our photo shoot.

lol Tenho's photobombing the brotherly and sisterly photo

Me as Joshua (TWEWY)

I decided to try riding a skateboard. Let's just say I'm better at sticking to the accordion than skateboarding. XD;;

The start of the Joshua x Beat photos 8|;;;;

I swear we weren't kissing! ∑(ºAº;)

Our friend Daniel as BJ

Now we have Joshua x Rhyme photos. Seriously, how in the hell did fans come up with this pairing?

However, Beat doesn't like the idea of his sister with Joshua.

And Joshua and Rhyme happily skipped down the hill to watch and feed ducks...with Beat yelling after them to get back his little sister.

Liz as Katara (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

Mameshiba on a skateboard~!

Our friend Stephen as an Engineer (TF2)

Remember in the game where the Harrier reaper gives you a half/partly-eaten burger? Well that's what happened to Beat.
BJ: "Here. I only took a bite out of it, but you can have it"
Beat: "....wha?"
Tenho: "Zzzzzzzzz"

"Its like a party in my mouth!!! 8Db"
(In real life that burger was pretty nasty. D:)

Cardcaptor Sakura

Doesn't this pose sort of feel like deja vu?

James as "Kunai with Chain" (Yu-gi-oh)

Well that's it for tonight. I have a few more photos to upload on here, but I'll probably do it later tomorrow night.
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