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Oh yeah, last Friday I had my Japanese oral test and I think I did okay. The only awkward thing was carrying around my stuffed animal around campus. ;;; I had to bring an item for the "show and tell" part of the oral test, and this was the only thing I could think of bringing where I can talk about it for almost a minute. I was okay keeping it hidden my backpack, until I had to take my books out. That's when I had to take it out and people were staring at it going "....really?" あっ、はずかしかった。

Oh yeah, I have more photos of critters in my backyard. There's only 3 photos, but I think they're good enough to show...I hope.

Poor thing flew into our window and knocked himself out silly. I seriously thought he crashed so hard into the window that he died, but he was fine. He was able to fly away properly after a few minutes of regaining his composure. :D

Then last week me and my dad found a visitor in the house.

He was a little guy, and he wasn't aggressive at all compared to the other kind we have in our backyard.

We were carrying him out in a dust pan if you're wondering what in the hell that blue thing is.

There was another lizard we saw that was trapped in the hose container. That guy was really aggressive since he was trapped. I tried to help him out with the broom stick, but he hissed at it and bit it. It was sort of cool to see, but understandable why he did it. :\ I would be doing the same thing if I was a trapped lizard. Fortunately though I was able to help him get out and he ran off.
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