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Back from AX. Interesting time with its weird moments, but it was still fun. Didn't take a lot of pictures because of Vic Mignogna autograph line. Granted he is a nice guy (though some say he's a bit of a creeper), but his fuckin' fans reminded me why I hate craycray fangirls. :|

So the reason why I didn't get a lot of pics this con is because I was trying to get Vic Mignogna's autograph. My cousin (bless his heart) decided to go with me to his panel. I went there because I originally thought that they were going to give out tickets to people after his panel to give priority in line like they did in the previous years. My cousin liked the panel because he finally agreed with me that Vic is a nice guy. We were literally surrounded by fangirls, but I digress. After the panel ended, we found out that they weren't giving out tickets this year. It was basically a first come first serve bases. So me and my cousin basically almost ran to the autograph line, but I found out that the line was already fuckin' long. Some people didn't go to the panel and waited there 2 - 3 hours earlier before the panel even started. Well shit if I didn't know that they weren't giving out tickets this year, I wouldn't have gone to the panel and waited in line for 3 hours (which was already long as hell. It basically went down to the other side of the West Hall, and it took almost an hour to get everyone into the fuckin' panel room before we could actually start the panel). B| Since I was in the group with the line that was blockin' the emergency exit, the AX staff took our group and made us wait outside in the sun. We stood there for 2 - 3 hours before the staff members said "btw his autograph panel ends at 6pm (by then it was 4:30). So feel free to stand there if ya' want, but you're most likely not going to get his autograph since the line inside barely moved." I would've waited, but my cousin was gettin' hungry and wanted some food. So I left the line and the AX staff told me that Vic had another autograph session the next day.

The next day I got to the con early in order to get in line because if the people from the previous day did that, I assumed that's a common thing to do (since most of the autograph lines I've been in weren't that long). But there were apparently "too many people" in the line so the AX staff kicked us out and told us to come back at 12pm. So the good person I am, I went off to do some shoppin' and came back a little later talking with a guy and his friends, who were really really happy and surprised to see a girl who wasn't going rabid for Vic Mignogna. So I got into the main autograph line, but unfortunately I had to stand behind (rows wise since it went into a back and forth formation like a disneyland line) a bunch of rabid Vic fangirls. Me and a lot of people were sitting down waiting in line (since the people who actually stayed in line until the staff kicked them out yesterday got priority tickets from Vic), and a bunch of fuckin' girls were kicking me from behind going "lololol we're kicking Kaito. 8D" I was ready to pummel them with my DSi XL (That thing is a brick and can take almost anything) or ready to stab one of them in the eye with my stylus and/or mechanical pencils. Oh no, that's not the only thing they did...then they started to horribly scream out Vic's songs (ex: English version of "True Light", "Guilty Beauty Love" English version, Soldier A, etc.) in the middle of the line. Yes I know these songs, and yes I know how to properly sing them. One of these girls were apparently "hardcore" Vic fans (then again 99% of these girls believed they are the most "hardcore" Vic fan) and said "I'm the best singer of them all and I want to sing with Vic <3" Honey I've heard you sing. You're flat beyond belief and you can't stay on key. Also as we moved down the line (and closer to Vic) the same girl was starting to hyperventilate going "Omg omg omg I'm like going to faint because I'm so close to Vic Mignogna!!! *Scream*" The only thing keepin' my sanity was textin' about the insanity (and a few texts begging for them to save me from being surrounded by foamin' at the mouth fangirls) to Kiya, Randy, and my mom. :| I don't care if the fangirls behind me saw my texts of "I hate craycray fangirls. They're loud and noisy...etc etc etc" I was wayyy beyond the point of caring if I insulted them. Those fuckin' fangirls also wanted to show Vic FMA yaoi....seriously? Most voice actors don't like lookin' at stuff like that. They're fuckin' stupid, and I don't know what inspired them to want to show yaoi/hentai/yuri to a voice actor.

Once I got to Vic. I was able to talk to him for a bit, and he said that he liked my artwork of Xiahou Ba (Dynasty Warriors 7). If you want me to be honest, it seemed like he didn't really even care to try and talk to me when I tried talking to him compared to the other girls he signed stuff for. My friend, Peeche, told me to try and make some small talk with him, and I did but Vic kept giving the disinterested "Yeah that's nice. Whatever" type of attitude. He was also more interested in checking and replying to his text more than talking to me.  I personally don't know if it was because I brought up and showed him a really obscure role like Xiahou Ba he did instead of something mainstream like Edward Elric or Tamaki. I personally like bringing up minor roles they did because it shows that I'm not into only mainstream stuff. He didn't even bother hugging me like everyone else, but you know what? I don't care and I'm not angry. 8D I got his signature (my main goal) and that's all I care about. Now I can at least say I met him once and had him sign something. Now I don't have to go into another one of those fuckin' Vic Mignogna autograph lines ever again.

My eardrums died also in the process to the massive screams of surrounding fangirls (which could be heard at the other side of the exhibit hall) :| Was it worth it to wait in lines for a total of 6 - 8 hours? Sort of, but yet at the same time not really. I'm not really plannin' to go into another Vic line again.


Now onto happier things...let's show some photos! 8D

My cousin (Brandon) with a Storm trooper

Valdrein from FightingDreamers Pro

Kaiba cosplayer that we saw at ALA

This is the Pokemon gathering I went to. :D Brandon took a lot of pics for me.

All of the Pokemon

So many Umbreons...

The Reshiram and Zekrom gijinkas were really cool

Pokemon chasing after the apple (reference to Pokemon Snap) XD

Professor Benjamin Franklin is the best Pokemon professor! 8D

My friend Tami is the best Slowpoke ever

3-way battle between Marowak, Duskull, & Warrior Zekrom

btw, the Brock cosplayer actually had real donuts and onigiris. They looked delicious.

Brandon was on Nico Nico Douga known as "Mega Milk" & "Creepy Pikachu" (a hooded vest I made with Pikachu's face on the hood)

Part 2 will be posted later. Hipster Vocaloid photo shoot will be in a separate entry. I have to do some editing (lighting, contrast, etc.) before I post them. :Dv Click here for the album.


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