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So I come bearing pictures from this year's AX! :D Most of the pictures I took are from Days 1 & 2. I do have a few from Days 3 & 4, but I might put those two days in a separate post.

Note: This post will be IMAGE HEAVY!!!

AX Day 0 & 1 photos )

AX Day 2 photos )
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I'm learning this song, "Jitensha de Oide" by Yano Akiko, since it's part of my Japanese final. We have to fill in parts of the song with the vocabulary we've learned this semester. Since I like this song, and no one really has any lyrics for it I decided to post them up with translations I did myself, just in case if any curious future CSUF Jpn102 student tries to look up the lyrics just to see what it means (because I'm a nerd like that and ontop of that I was nerdy to lookin' up translations of this song). Ontop of that, this song is really really old...like 1990's old so there's not a lot of Yano Akiko lyrics out there. :\

Kanji lyrics )


Romanji lyrics )


English translation )
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Here's Part 2 of the photos.


Part 2 of the huge pic spam is here )

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I'm going to put this into two entries because I think it'll save space easily...or something like that. So yeah...Let's start.


Heavy image spam of photos here! :D )
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I know I also never mentioned this, but while I was up in San Francisco visiting my relatives, back probably in December, I took up my camera. I took some pictures while I was up there (mostly in Monterey Bay and on the trip returning home), and I haven't had the chance to upload them. I feel like they're really not worthy to be put up on Deviantart yet, so this is the best place for now.

Monterey Bay pics )

And on the way to Hearst's Castle, this is what I saw :D
Ahoy! What did I see? I saw... )

When we got to Hearst's Castle, I also took a few pics there.
Hearst Castle pics )
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Got back to the US this morning. 8D And I come bearing pictures...a lot of them! I'm probably not going to post up ALL of them (I have at least 350 pictures in that camera) so I'm going to post up the ones that I think are the best. ^^; The rest will probably be loaded into my Facebook album or whatnot. I also like to usually tell highlights from the trip through bullet points, but I'm just too lazy right now. I'll mention stuff here and there under the pics as ya' look through them. So...here we go.


New Zealand Pictures )


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So my parents brought the termite guy over yesterday because they found little brown dropping-like stuff around the house. So after the inspection, we found out we had a lot of termites. They guy was shocked that we never had a termite guy check our house because I don't know why, but no one in our neighborhood ever had termites. No tent ever went up in our culvasac, so my parents thought that there's no reason to call in a termite guy. I'm not going to say that they're stupid for not calling one in the previous years because I would be assuming the same thing as my parents. I don't know if we're going to fumigate or do the orange oil procedure, but we'll see. I think my parents are leaning towards towards the orange oil.

It was also weird because one of the termite guys kept watching me play "No More Heroes," and it was the part where Bad Girl is constantly dropping the F-bombs. So I'm going: "....heheh...I'll...play some Sonic now. ^__^;;;" Other than that, he complimented on how the game sort-of looked cool.

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