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So the "Justin Beiber" war has been put on hold for now. A lot of things happened within these few weeks. I've been following it out of pure boredom and it seemed entertaining to watch from the sidelines to watch this kid fail. I'm puttin' this rant in LJ cuts so it take up most of your Friends page.

If you do not know what this "war" (if you can call it one...) is about, I'll put this in a quick summary:

So a 14-year old gay Canadian kid, who apparently is a HUGE Justin Beiber fan, with the screen name of "ericdouglace" posted a video basically saying "YOU Justin Beiber haters! You have 14 days to take down your hate videos, websites, etc. or I hackz yous!! My uncle works for the FCC and haz connections to Europe!! D<". Two Youtubers, Lifeinatent (Liat) and OutbackZack (OBZ) responded to him saying "You're going to hack us just because we don't like something you like? You're trying to take away our freedom of speech so shut up." The kid saw them and basically said "Bawww!! You don't like what I said!! Yous going to be my new target for mes hakz!!" and then the two responded back saying "Bring it on bitch." So shit somewhat went down...in a way. Well I think it wasn't a great as I was expecting, but it was still mildly interesting.


In my opinion this kid is nothing but a troll...a stupid unintelligent troll. I will mention later on why I think he is unintelligent. This kid is stupid to think that he can hack thousands of people just because we don't like something he likes. Respect our opinions and we will respect yours if you don't try to bring in wank. You claim that you will use your uncle's software for the hacking. If your uncle allows you to use that software, his job will be on the line. He wouldn't even let you use it to hack people for a stupid cause. So don't think just because he works for the government means you're safe. The government wouldn't care for a kid like you. So it's best to shut up and stop.

You claim to sue Youtube if they take down your video. Kid, you nor Justin Beiber are not the most important people in the world. They don't give a shit about you. Not only did you threaten to sue Youtube, you're also tryin' to sue Liat and OBZ for "invading your personal space (or something along those lines...) and harassing you." You're technically harassing all of us by claiming to hack us and commit cyberterrorism. You do realize that you're trying to sue 2 Youtube partners right? Youtube will back them up no matter what since those two are helping them get more viewers to the website. After that, you called out 4chan claiming that you can shut them down. ....Really? 4chan? Shutting down 4chan is like trying to stop a nuclear bomb with nothing but a plastic straw while your thumbs are tied together. You must be really really cocky to think that you can take them down. They will tear you down like they did with Jessi Slaughter. They have already put up a website talking shit about you (unfortunately it's down), so it's just the beginning....it's just the beginning.

On Friday, I attended the tinychat conversation where Liat and Eric were "talking it out". Kid, you basically fucked yourself over that day. You may talk big, but you just don't know when to SHUT UP. You said out loud that day that, and I quote, "4chan is a bunch of 13 year old faggots....Anonymous are fucktards." You're just continuing to dig your grave. That night you also claimed out loud that you hacked Liat's Youtube account and personal website. Then you said, "I can fall back, and I can say that I was just pretending in the videos." Sorry, but you just got caught admitting your crime, and you didn't even noticed that you were being recorded until 7 min after you said that phrase (part 5 of ED Vs LIAT. Someone on Youtube posted up most of the tinychat conversation so if you want to see what I mean, just look it up under "Eric Doulas Vs LIAT"). You already did the "hacking" (I will explain why I used the quotes) and said that you were going to going to attack Liat's bank account. You also talked big saying that once you've successfully hacked Liat's Youtube channel, you were going to post a video of yourself saying that on his account. So I ask...where is it? I don't see it at all. B| As they say in the je_secrets community: "Proof or it didn't happen".

You continued to talk big and tried to throw down a lot of shit that night, but from what I've heard you're a pretty disturbed kid. You think that hacking is a legal thing to do, you threw a temper tantrum by throwing and breaking shit in your room when people were calling you a "troll" (even though you're one), and you have a superiority complex (He said "I AM ABOVE THE LAW!! They can't arrest me!!" I am serious. [7:47 of ED Vs LIAT part 4]). Tell me Eric, did mommy and daddy not give you enough love? I don't know what happened to you in your past, but it has turned you into a really fucked up kid. I don't know if you've been abused, abandoned by your parents, etc. or whatnot since you're living with a guardian right now, but you seriously need to see a psychologist or some other type of professional help. I've had my share of friends that carry a shitload of baggage, but you my friend...you probably carry even more baggage than them.

Ah yes, I mentioned how he "hacked" Liat's accounts. He didn't really hack per se. He just used a keylogger or a RAT (Remote administration which contains a keylogger) to "hack" into Liat's account. Anyone can create one, hell even I can make one if I wanted to. In my opinion it's not hacking. Anyone who can hack properly wouldn't use a keylogger. They would probably be using something else more complex to hide their tracks. Eric hasn't hacked OBZ (even though he claimed he was going to hack him also) because he only has Liat's information. You're not an 1337 hacker so shut up. Also, where's the "hacking all the haters"? You and your little team (yes he does have a team containing his "friend" [more like boyfriend], a creepy guy he bribed with $50, and a few other trolls) claim to have hacked 16 users and have at least 2000 IPs on record. I don't see any complaints from the 16 users, nor do I see any proof that you hacked these other accounts besides Liat's. As I said before, proof or it didn't happen. I believe it didn't happen at all and they're pulling the bullshit card.

So in summary: Eric is a stupid unintelligent troll, but he did his job as a troll. He got people to react to him negatively by receiving death threats, hate comments, etc. He got attention, has a bunch of views on his videos, has honors on his profile, and has successfully gotten peoples' attention towards him and the wank he brought in. Liat did get his website and Youtube account back, and he is prepared to sue Eric. So I might continue to sit back on the sidelines and see what happens next. For now, this so called "war" is put on hold, but Eric's boyfriend claims that it's not over yet. Eric and his little boyfriend are now going: "Bawww!!! Stop it with the hateful comments!! Why can't you respect our opinions?! What do get out of this? Bawwww!!! T__T" You guys deserved it. You brought upon yourselves so man up, grow some balls (if you have any), and deal with the consequences.

Yes I ranted a lot, but I sort of needed to get it out of my system so don't mind me. I probably won't be doing another rant about troll-related wank like this again.

Edit on 10/15/10: After much thinking, I'm making this entry public. I don't care who sees this anymore. Just respect what I think, don't try to bring in wank when commenting, and I'll be a happy person.

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