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Here are the pics for Days 3 (w/ Eevee photoshoot) & 4

I didn't take a lot of pics for Day 3 during the convention since I kept forgettin' to take out my camera. XD;;

But still zomg HTTYD cosplay!! :D


This where the Eevee photo shoot starts. [I got really picky here on which photos to show XD; So if ya' want to see all of the photos from the photoshoot, half of it is on my Imageshack account while the other half is on my Photobucket account.]

Once upon a time there was a family of Eeveevolutions.

There was the Daddy Umbreon...

The Mommy Flareon

and their Daughter Leafeon...

Leafeon likes the water fountain...

While Flareon is scared of the water fountain...

Umbreon is not amused with the fountain...at all...

Flareon tryin' to hit on Umberon (who's not amused...again. XD;;).

Taken from the Elevator

"Omg! Hey guys! There's a baseball game going on over there!! :D" (I actually did say that)

Ashton later joined us in our photo shoot as Shinobu from "No More Heroes".

Later Umbreon got revenge on Flareon for flirting with him. ¬_¬;;

Welcome to the "Happy Cow Diner"! We sell fresh Tauros and Milktank burgers!

Although Leafeon doesn't like that idea.

The last line on the menu is the best name for a burger ever.

Leafeon's sad since there's no more plants around.

These is the only Day 4 photo I had before I left. XD;;

Omg a Ginko cosplayer!! 8D I was happy to see another one walkin' around.

I bought a Nataku Gundam Model (top), Train*Train Vol.3 manga (right), Rune Factory 2 (bottom) with a free Harvest Moon horse plush (top), and the Eden of the East official artbook (left).

This is probably my favorite thing out of the whole con...
I got the autograph of Eden of the East anime's Kenji Kamiyama (director) and Tomohiko Ishii (producer)! 8D They both liked the artwork and I'm proud that I got this signed instead of the poster from the scavenger hutn. Tomohiko speaks really good English, and he took a picture of me with the artwork on his phone! <3 I actually was plannin' on sellin' this artwork at Artist Alley (before the autographs), but now this will be hung in my room next to the Gurren Lagann autograph.

After that I headed off to my grandma's house to celebrate with family for 4th of July. We ate lunch and dinner together, and afterwards we did fireworks. I don't have any pictures since I was too lazy to get it out of the car. XD;; But all I have to say is that me, my cousins, and their friend were basically pyros that night. We put all of the small fireworks together to set off a big one. We also created a huge bonfire with the empty fireworks containers, the boxes, napkins, plates, and other flammable stuff we can find. It was a lot of fun.

I thought this year of AX was a lot of fun. Sure I didn't go to the panels, arcade, or any of the gatherings, but I still had fun because I was with my friends. Even though a lot of my stuff didn't get sold, I thought of it more as an experience than disappointment. I'm learnin' on what sells, what doesn't sell, and what I should do to make sure I can get profit before I actually start sellin' stuff. Now I sort of know what to do, and I hope that I can do better the next time I sell my artwork at an anime convention.
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