Jan. 10th, 2011

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ALA was a lot of fun. My roommates were really nice people, and I really enjoyed it. ^_^

There's not a lot of pictures because I didn't really want to lug the camera around while carrying my Copic markers and sketch book. XD;;;

I went to a mecha/gunpla building panel. I learned a lot of informative things about building gunplas. The only thing I find a bit worrysome is the amount of primer, cement glue, etc. used for the models. I know it's to make the models look less...toy-like in a way, but I seriously don't have the time to do all of that. :\ When I have more time, I'll get to do more complicated stuff like that. Ka-chan, her friend Randy, and I went to the Artist Sketch Jam. It's a place where you're supposed to hang out with other artists and makes friends. We didn't do that and instead huddled in a little corner talking about things. We also made a lot of snide comments, so it was basically our little corner of sarcasm. :D There was also one guy who was scopin' out the whole room, and he looked at my lineart like as if I'm competition for him. Dude...it wasn't that good and it's not really qualified for "competition material". ¬_¬;; But other that, all three of us had fun talking while drawing/coloring throughout that workshop. Now onto photos!

ALA '11 photos )

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