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So Anime Expo has finished yesterday. Me, Ka-chan, and Kiya did pretty well for Artist Alley this year. Now besides that, let's get to the photos. Note: These will be mainly photo shoot stuff. I got extremely sort of picky since I want to show the good ones. However, I just wish that we could redo the Legend of Korra photo shoot. There are some photos I want to redo...but this is just me being picky. ^^;; If we do a redo photo shoot, I want to do it at the Anime Club's Cosplay Picnic even though our Mako won't be there.

First Photoshoot: Sket Dance

Kiya as Bossu

Ka-chan as Himiko

Me as Switch

We ran into other Sket Dance cosplayers at the end of Day 1.

Second Photo shoot: Legend of Korra.

My cousin Brandon as Mako

Ka-chan as Korra

Buk Siu Lum (aka: Fire Nation) Pose: Taming the Tiger

Taichi (Waterbending)-like Pose. Unfortunately theres no Hun Gar [Earthbending] or Ba Gua [Airbending] poses, since I don't really know those styles.

Kiya as Pabu Gijinka. Her try at the "Taming the Tiger" pose.

Me as Bolin

Makorra time!! 8D

A couple of Borra photos

Bolin and his adorable fire ferret

Stop looking awkward Brandon D:

Much better lol

We went outside the con parking lot and found these stairs

Pabu!! D8 I'll save you buddy!!

Brandon in his...Vincent (Catherine) outfit. :| He ran around the con in boxers...yeahhhh....

Him as clothed Vincent

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Have some "Behind the Scenes" for the Korra Photoshoot and how we got Ka-chan to do the Fire Nation pose. 8D
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